MACHINARIUM INTERNATIONAL SERVICES is a company established at San Luis Potosí, S.L.P., México from five years ago providing services to our local and foreign customers. We are focused to supply the best comprehensive solutions to our customers through our personalized services as Technical Assessment, Support & Service, Training, Projects Management and Business Development working always as a team proactive, creative, self motived, customer focus and committed with our job but above all working in a professional, ethical and responsible manner.
Due to our work way we are building up relationships of trust, breaking new ground and making new business to promote competitiveness and productivity addressing the major societal and technological challenges from our country.


Provide the best service to our customers, giving an increased value in quality, service and cost, through the learning, training and continuous improvement of our personnel, processes and methods of problem solving, developing and managing our job in a ethical and responsible manner to our clients and society.


To be the best international company providing comprehensive engineering and project management services, increasing the value and participation in the market of our national and foreign customers, making our quality of service, customer service and problem solving a benchmark for competition.

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